Before the Coffee gets Cold

I cannot remember how this book became a part of my never ending ‘to read’ list. Regardless though, I’m incredibly grateful that it did simply due to the sheer delight that came with reading it.

There was something so beautiful and magical about this story – whether it was the concept, the prose, the characters or a combination of everything, was hard to tell. The writing itself was simple, as was the story. Yet the detail was just downright amazing. Each character had been explored and the way the four different stories interconnected was incredible.

Despite the story tending to be more reliant on dialogues rather than descriptions (something I didn’t mind in the least) and the plot moving at a slow pace, I still immensely enjoyed sitting with my own cup of coffee (with a couple of homemade oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies because obviously), observing how all these characters from different walks of life went on their journey in trying to reconcile with the past without changing it. It was heartwarming to see how each of them came to terms with their present and made the best of it.

“At the end of the day, whether one returns to the past or travels to the future, the present doesn’t change.” 

Time travel is definitely a topic that has been written about countless times. However, this story took a step back from the classic time travelling plots, which was definitely appreciatively different. The rules for time travel were beautifully simple. All throughout, the story prompts the question of what would you change if you could back in time? But more importantly who would you visit for the last time?

In a nutshell, this was a beautiful story that explored the concept of going back to the past to voice those unsaid things and savour the moments without changing the present. An poignantly emotional book that interconnects four stories.


P.S. As I put my car in reverse, I thought to myself – ‘this takes me back’ 🙂