The Thursday Murder Club

I remember seeing this book pretty much everywhere I went, and sooner rather than later, I gave in to the overwhelming wave of curiosity and began reading it with excitement. Honestly, I’m actually glad that curiosity nudged me to pick this one up given that it was a rather quirky read and delightful in its own way. To put simply, it was the perfect cosy read.

The quartet of main characters that formed ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ was simply brilliant. Their personalities were amazing to say the least; each had their own unique personality that melded well together. One other thing that I absolutely loved was how they worked closely with both Donna and Chris, forming an unconventional collaboration.  Part of the narrative was formed from Joyce’s perspective that took place in the shape of diary entries scattered throughout the book. It was interesting to get a glimpse of an insider’s thoughts, especially someone, whom like myself was experiencing all this for the first time.

Despite appearing to be simple, it was far from it. This was a multi-layered mystery infused with wit, secrets and surprises.  The plot moved at a rapid pace and kept me guessing, questioning each character in turn. The plot became more complex with the turning of each page. Despite this, the story managed to retain its light heartedness at the core, beautifully contrasting the more serious undertones.

This book was unquestionably different and written in what can be described as a simple manner. Straightforward descriptions were provided to help create the right atmosphere. In that sense, it was an easy read. At times, it felt that certain things had occurred awfully conveniently for the quartet, particularly when it came to Elizabeth and her skill set. Yet, this was easily brushed over and overall took nothing away from the story.

In a nutshell, this was a delightful read, with the characters providing such excellent company. Cannot wait to accompany the quartet alongside Donna and Chris on their next whirlwind of an adventure!

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P.S. My doctor just diagnosed me with a severe lack of awareness. That came out of nowhere 🙂